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Home Loans

Mortgages, the banks share, the ol' ball and chain and everything else they have been called...

What ever you know them as, if you are buying a new home or refinancing your current mortgage we can help. We look past simple interest rate comparisons to find you the most effective home loan to suit your unique lifestyle and financial position. We consider issues such as fixed or variable rates (or a mixture); whether you may need an interest-only loan; what line-of-credit options may be available. We can even help self-employed people with a loan that does not require as much documentation.

  • Variable & Interest only options.
  • Investment or Owner occupied
  • Low doc loans or credit impaired.
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Commercial Property

Are you in the market for a commercial property – either for your own use or as an investment?

Somatic Finance can advise on your best way forward and help secure the ideal mortgage. In fact, we can show you how a commercial property purchase is nothing to be afraid of and is often easier than a standard residential purchase, with frequently better returns, than investing in domestic property. By working with Somatic on your property portfolio, you are securing your future financial freedom.

  • Retail, Office or Warehouse properties
  • Buy new, existing or even build your own
  • Viable alternative to residential property investing
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Asset Finance

Business equipment finance can help you expand or upgrade your business sooner...

Asset or equipment finance is most commonly used to buy work related vehicles, but it is so much more than that. This is the product for you if you need virtually any piece of equipment for your business, whether it is new gym equipment, a tractor for this years crop, a specialist piece of medical machinery for an optometrist and even lorry trucks - the options are limitless.

  • Competitive interest rates (far better than personal loans)
  • Tax advantageous finance structures
  • Multiple lenders to compare
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Self Managed Super Fund Lending

SMSF lending is a great option for helping to secure your financial future

Superannuation has often been one of life's out of sight and out of mind topics, however with greater recent awareness and media coverage, more people are looking to take a hands on approach to their finances. This is were SMSF lending comes in making acquiring bricks & mortar assets in your super more achievable for everyday Australians.

  • Residential or Commercial property lending
  • Work jointly with your accountant & financial planner
  • Navigate this often tricky space effortlessly
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