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Welcome to Our Office

Don't be shy, why not drop by and say hello or better yet why not call ahead and make sure we are there. I mean it's not that we are rude or wouldn't love to see you, but we are often busy doing what we do and would hate to disappoint if we are already with somebody.


Lovely houses financed


Happy clients


Years experience


Million loan dollars under management

We analyse your needs carefully

Everybody has a unique set of requirements and when you compare this against 50 plus lenders and several hundred loan or mortgage products, it quickly becomes more about tailored strategies rather than simply fixed vs variable loans.

Somatic Finance understands this and this is why we are more than happy to get to know any unique situation you may have. It actually helps with the lending process.

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We provide the best solutions

Armed with our new found knowledge of each other, we draw from our arsenal of over 50 lenders and years of experience to present what we feel are the best solutions.

We don't stop there, we also take the time to explain the merits of our choices, along with seeing you all the way to the finish line - where ever that may be.

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